End of Summer Slowdown

Since I’ve hit 35 weeks, I’ve noticed I’ve gotten much more uncomfortable and much less able to keep up my previous pregnancy workout routine. Since the baby seems to be coming soon, I know it’s just the normal end days.

About to pop?

I went from this:

Monday  1 hour “elevated training” class, a challenging fast-paced strength group class plus another .5 hour of free weights on my own

Tuesday 1 hour Spin class

Wednesday 30-45 minutes elliptical

Thursday 1.5 hours free weights

Friday 1 hour Spin

Sat/Sun Rest days



I’ve decided last week’s elevated training class was my last one until after this baby. I had to modify too many things…I can’t lie on my back at all any more for even a couple of minutes without feeling sick and dizzy…I had to drop weight for the first time this pregnancy…I just keep having Braxton Hicks and having to slow down.

I think I’m going to do more easy weight days on my own in the weight room, easy Spin classes, and the elliptical. I still hope to do five days per week of something until the baby is born.

My daughter started preschool today. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for two and a half hours. Fall weather just hit…the nursery is almost done (will post pics soon)…I only have a few more “must do” hurdles to clear before I will feel ready for the baby:

Finish a fitness column (I tried out two barre Pilates fusion classes for a regional magazine)

Have my daughter’s birthday party

Make sure my husband is back home from a business trip

Get our backseat seat belts replaced so we can put the new car seat in

And then…baby is welcome to come!

Nursery...almost done


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2 Responses to End of Summer Slowdown

  1. I don’t know enough about you to make a comprehensive recommendation, but I would say that from just looking at your schedule there are a few things missing, most notably walking and relaxation/breathing (you could use yoga poses as your relaxation).

    Instead of the Monday class and Wednesday elliptical, you could do walks on those two days, followed by some resistance exercises targeting vulnerable areas during and after pregnancy, and then end with some relaxation/breathing exercises.

    On a separate note, I’d love to connect with you about a few things.


  2. admin

    Thanks Jenn! I’ve been a little nervous about doing yoga this pregnancy since there are no prenatal classes at my gym and I kept reading that you can overstretch, etc.

    I recently tried out two Barre Pilates classes for an article I’m writing and they were great. I only had to modify a little…lots of pelvic floor, hip, and core work that I think would be helpful for expecting women.

    As for walking, I don’t really get an aerobic effect and I’m hoping to keep up whatever cardio shape I can until the very very end!

    Thanks for the follow!

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