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I’m today’s featured Blogger on the Run over at Women’s Running magazine! It’s kind of ironic, because the only running I’m doing these days is to the bathroom to pee five times per night. But it was fun to write my “running life story” and not being able to run right now has given me even more perspective on how much I love to run and can’t live without it.

If I don’t go into labor in a week though I might try a little jog to see what happens. I keep hearing stories about women who went out for a run and then came home in labor…can’t hurt to try! Although I’m sure I will be a comedic sight. I don’t have quite the cute little belly some of the impressive pregnant running mama bloggers who run up to delivery have…

Anna likes to cut off my head when she mans the iPhone.

I have a planet. I am a planet. I’m orb-like.

Oh, and if you head over to the post on Women’s Running and leave a comment, you will be entered to win a one-year subscription to the magazine. Can’t beat that. Well, maybe getting to try out their tips and workouts after you read the magazine, instead of wistfully filing it away for six weeks from now might!


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  1. Found you through Blogger on the run! Congrats on staying fit through your pregnancy… you’re so close to the end! Glad to connect with you. :)

  2. Congrats on being named Blogger on the Run! I love finding new blogs through women’s running mag. I soooo wish my run on Monday had sent me into labor. Here I am a day after my due date still waiting:-) But I’m going to stick to walking since the run on Monday did leave me with some pretty sore hips/groin muscles. BTW I think your planet is cute!

    • admin

      Oh man, Sarah, any signs he’s coming? I’m sooo tired today I might skip the elliptical and walk instead. I keep thinking I’m about to go into labor any day so I don’t want to be too exhausted (and I need to go wash my hair in case I have the baby tonight!). The waiting game is such an annoying time.

  3. Laura F

    Glad to have found your blog. I’m currently 24.5 weeks along with baby #2 (surprise) due mid jan. Decided to stop running about 2 weeks ago, but will continue to walk and weight train. I’m going to miss running. I had my first son at 28 too. He’ll be 3 in two weeks. I’m interested to hear some of the stuff that your going through with your 3 year old. My son goes through phases of bad habits lately. We correct it, then he just picks up another to test on us.

    • admin

      Thanks Laura. It seems that as soon as my daughter turned three (like, literally the day of her birthday) she started going through some new developmental stuff. She is scared of shadows in her room now and bedtime has become a little difficult. She had been going to bed fine for years. Maybe they know they are a new age and all of a sudden they get new issues? I also noticed that she is going through some kind of speech and thinking leap…her vocabulary and complex sentences and stories she tells have been amazing me lately…I’m sure I will be talking a lot about how she adjusts to the new baby when he comes!
      Good luck with your pregnancy and with your son. Thanks for reading :)

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