No Fitness Itch

Almost two weeks postpartum and I don’t really have an itch to run, or work out like I imagined I would.

I think it’s because breastfeeding and baby caring and three year old wrangling and adjusting to newborn sleep life is all-consuming.

I do have an urge to be FREE…on a beautiful fall night I’d love to be outside running, but mostly because I want to be outside, alone, free, for an hour or so. I keep taking the most mundane little trips to “get out”…supermarket, drug store, walking the dog. They are better than nothing but it’s stressful being “on call” for when the baby will wake and want to eat again.

Henry looks skeptical.

I want to get a freezer/ fridge stash of bottles going just so I can feel secure that in an emergency or if I need or want to go somewhere for longer than an hour I can. But right now I have an oversupply/overactive let down problem so I can’t really pump much more than I need to do replenish the one bottle Henry gets at night while I sleep a little.

I guess my supply will tame itself and I can start storing milk in a few weeks. I hope so. It’s not that I want to spend hours away from my baby, it’s just the IDEA that I could that will help me feel not so stuck.

Post baby belly at a week and a couple days after birth.

So for now, this fitness blog will be very light on fitness. I am walking tons every day, and I have a constant urge to walk…

Today I’m planning to break this DVD out:

It’s the single best resource for pelvic floor rehab, I think. Tasha is an expert in getting stuff straightened out, and she’s an endurance athlete too. Check it out if you’ve ever had a baby!

Maybe next week I’ll move into some light strength stuff at home. I don’t want to lose too much muscle during the six week rest period. Incidentally, I also don’t have an urge to start doing too much before that time period is up. I feel like my joints are all still lax, and I get weird pain from nursing positions, and I just want to fully heal.

I know there will be time for all the things I want to do. I have to be patient.


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  1. Sarah @RunFarGirl

    I just ordered the pelvic floor DVD! I think that is exactly what I need. After Sophia I jumped into running two weeks after with no real care for repairing my pelvic floor. And as a result I had “leaking” and then during this pregnancy when everything started pressing down on my bladder I had issues with sneezing and coughing. I have serious pelvic floor neglect issues. This should be helpful. Thanks for featuring it!

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