Henry has officially outgrown newborn diapers and he’s into size ones.

Funny enough, since my last post on Monday saw me complaining about being tired and being stressed, things got worse, if only to remind me that a return to that status quo would be not so bad, in retrospect.

My daughter got a cold, so we’ve been trying to keep her away from the baby, which is an challenging juggling act.

Luckily, my husband took her into Manhattan to see his office, Rockefeller Center, and the Lego store for a daddy and daughter day.

Hopefully Henry misses catching his first cold at two and a half weeks.

I woke up at 1 a.m. on Monday night to feed the baby with a splitting headache and almost threw up and fainted. By the next morning I had chills, muscle aches and a temperature of 101 degrees. It was mastitis from a clugged duct. I felt horrific all Tuesday, just completely sick and drained. Luckily I was able to do some self-surgery and get the plug unstuck. It was…interesting. By the middle of last night my fever broke and now I’m happy just going back to plain old up all night tired.

My baby is still a super gas monster. He cries with gas half the day and night. I’m trying to follow all the instructions for “lactase overload” and single side feeding, and oversupply, and overactive let down…sometimes it’s better and sometimes it’s worse. I really pray he grows out of this sooner rather than later.

He’s also a constant nursing monster. Good thing I haven’t watched trash daytime TV since I sat on the couch nursing my daughter three years ago, and I can catch up with such delights as Couples Therapy on VH1 (my favorite at the moment) and Say Yes to the Dress. I don’t think you could pay me money to sit there and watch Say Yes to the Dress at 2 pm on a Wednesday in my normal, regular life. Yet somehow, right now it hits the (couch) spot.



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  1. Sarah @RunFarGirl

    Oh Jackie! I’m so sorry about the mastitis! Not fun. Honestly though I could have written this post! Sophia has a cold, which she gave to me in the form of a sore throat. And Jack is still super gassy mostly between the hours of 1am and 6am. Exactly the time of day when I can barely sit up to burp him or massage his tummy or bicycle his legs. We aren’t getting much done around here except watching episode after episode of Say Yes to the Dress and occasionally Curious George. I’m counting down the days till the 8 week mark when my midwife says his digestive system should be more developed:)

    • admin

      So funny! I’ll think of you during my next Say Yes to the Dress viewing party. So far we’ve successfully fought off Anna’s cold but I was worried with the mastitis I wouldn’t be able to fight it off. Hopefully Jack doesn’t get sick!
      The gassiness stinks…takes me an hour to feed him at night..have to burp him three or four times…change his diaper, wake him up three times to finish eating.

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