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So with life with two children proving so hectic, I’ve become more dependent and thankful for the little life “cheats” I use. I’m a born multitasker and have a knack for efficiency. When I worked those high school and college crappy retail and food service jobs, I kept my mind busy by trying to find out the best ways to make everything quicker, easier, and more efficient. I think there is a career in fast food consulting or something out there for me. As a now mom of two, these are the efficiency-maximizers that work the hardest for me.

Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo saved my life. I discovered it a few years ago, after spending way, way too much of my life washing and blow-drying my hair every day or every other day. My hair is horrible out of the shower and needs volume and straightening, which is time consuming! But my hair would get oily in a day or so. Enter…the magic of dry shampoo.

I think I’ve tried pretty much every brand out there. Some of the drugstore cheapies work as well or better than expensive salon name brand versions. But I’ve recently found what I think is my favorite: Eva NYC. I came across a Groupon for the product and it’s now my go-to. Doesn’t smell horrible, WORKS, and easily combs out.

Some other brands meet one or two of those requirements, but not all three. At $24 this is way more than I’d like to spend, and other options that are cheaper also work from Got2B and Batiste. Some brands don’t work at all, like Suave. You have to read tons of reviews and try a bunch until you find your favorites.

There’s also a trick to using it…learning how to brush it out for a LONG time until it all absorbs. But now I only have to blow-dry my hair once a week or so and after working out and sweating I can have brand new washed-looking hair in ten minutes. It’s a lifesaver for those of us who sweat every day from working out and/or have tiny babies who don’t hang out nicely by themselves for wash, condition, blow-out time.

The Roomba

It’s a robot vacuum cleaner and it’s worth the price! Especially if you have a shedding dog like mine. It doesn’t exactly do the job of a real obsessive human vacuumer (like me) but if you do a major vacuuming once a week, the Roomba can keep the pet hair in check for the other days in between.

We actually got ours at a garage sale and I bought a new battery for it. So it’s kind of crappy in its performance and once it dies I’m totally shelling out the multiple hundreds of dollars for a new one. I have my eye on the pet hair version. This saves me a few hours of vacuuming a week. You DO need to dust, and move throw rugs and small toys out of the way, so there is that prep time, and you constantly have to charge and empty it. But a great time fix overall.


And last but not least, the magical magicest magic of all: my iPhone. I was stubborn about switching to the iPhone…I didn’t want to pay the upgrade when I was worried my toddler would end up dunking it, didn’t want to learn how to retype when I was could email at like 90 wpm on my Blackberry, which incidentally came free with my cell phone plan upgrades. But I bit the bullet right before Henry was born because I knew I’d need some entertainment in the palm of my hand through endless night (and day) nursing sessions.

And it’s everything I thought it would be and more. I can read the Internetz with ease (that’s the worst thing about the Blackberry…trying to load web sites). I can Instagram, and shop from endless apps…I can basically do everything I do on my computer from my lap, with Henry attached. It’s making my life so much easier. I don’t feel so disconnected from my couch perch. I have a decent enough camera on me at all times

Taken by iPhone, of course


What are your life cheats? What products changed your life and saved you time? What can’t you live without as you juggle children, exercise, work and home?



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  1. Sarah @RunFarGirl

    I have super dry hair so I can get away with not showering for days–not exactly a good thing:) hehe! I’ve been cooking a lot with my crockpot lately, it has been saving me time and we still get a healthy home cooked meal. Also having a mini gym in our basement is a huge time saver!

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