Fitness Guinea Pig

Trying out barre Pilates at 36 weeks pregnant.

I’m a fitness guinea pig for a magazine column I’ve started writing. My first month’s column was on the new indoor cycling trend of Real Ryder bikes. I’ve also tested out Barre Pilates and belly dancing and aerial yoga is next. It’s an amazing assignment for a fitness-obsessed writer like me. And it’s fun to check out the latest and trendiest in the fitness world, classes I’d never have the time or inclination to check out otherwise.

Check out my review of the Real Ryder bikes on the Long Island Pulse website. If you’re local to Long Island, grab your free glossy pretty copy at a restaurant or library. They’re pretty much everywhere.


Other topics on my short list:

Punk Rope (punk rock jump roping)

Paddle yoga (yoga on the water!)

Aqua spinning (spin bikes under water…why? I’m not sure.)

Dance trance

Boing Kangaroo (exercise with bouncy things on your feet)

Piloxing (Pilates meets…boxing?)

Any other funny, cutting-edge, bizarre, or intriguing new fitness classes you’ve heard of you’d love to try if you could?




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  1. Paddle Yoga!! It’s so much fun. I would also love to try piloxing. But really, you should go surfing :-)

    • admin

      I totally should considering I live near great surfing beaches. There is even a famous surf shop that gives a summer workshop. On the schedule for the summer!

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