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Since I’m still not officially cleared for full-on exercising and running and pretty much mostly stuck at home during the week, I’ve been trying to get creative about working out at home.

It's gonna be a long winter...but at least there are sunsets like these

My midfwife appointment is this Friday. I’m hoping they have something encouraging to say about my pelvic floor, but even if they give me the official “go-ahead” to start exercising, I know I really can’t run until I feel that I’m really healed.

In the meantime, I’ve developed a sort of best of the worst case scenario weekly schedule that I’ll keep up until I can run.

Four days a week, if not more, I go for as long of a walk as possible. I don’t exactly work up a sweat or get my heart rate up, although I try, but I figure it’s better than nothing. I get out, I move, the baby gets out…I go Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays when my daughter is in preschool plus the weekend. Once I can run I will keep this schedule, either running with the baby in the BOB stroller or bringing him to my dad’s basement, where a temperamental treadmill may or may not work. I’m hoping I can walk over there, put him to sleep in the stroller, then just transfer his car seat next to me and have him sleep through my runs.

Anna's drawing of a princess locked in a tower...kind of howI feel at the moment

Tuesday, Thursday and the other weekend day, I do my pelvic floor rehab DVD and a Cablevision OnDemand workout. They have some really good ones: right now I’m doing one  that’s a quick full-body circuit with long sets, and you only need a set of hand weights.

  • lateral shoulder raises
  • overhead tricep extensions
  • bicep curls and rotations
  • v chest raises
  • squats
  • lunges
  • side leg lifts (standing)
  • calf raises

I go through the routine three times, plus I add in three sets of pushups (I  just don’t feel right unless pushups are involved!) and I’m done in a half hour or so.

The cable workouts rotate out every couple of weeks or so which helps keep my interest. Of course, they aren’t anything I couldn’t do on my own, but I like formalizing it by following someone else’s structure. Makes it more like being at the gym and less a harried living room workout punctuated by checking on the baby.

Soon, I’d like to supplement with maybe a weekend class at the gym, on the weekends when my husband is home. Maybe I’ll splurge for a sitter a couple times during the week, or try to trade off with a mom friend. I won’t put Henry in the gym daycare until he’s much older (I have a whole separate post brewing about this)…maybe six months old or so.

It sucks, I miss the gym, but I feel better knowing I have options and a plan. Planning a routine is the first step toward being consistent with a fitness lifestyle, I think. Even if it’s a much more tame level of fitness than I’d like right now.

How do you work out if you don’t, or can’t, get to the gym every day?


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  1. Over the last year we’ve accumulated enough equipment to have a pretty good home gym. I kind of miss going to the gym, but none of the gyms in our area have childcare so getting there during the week would be nearly impossible. Plus it’s 20 minutes away…not ideal. Which is why we created our own home gym thanks to craigslist and a few friends we now have a squat rack, recumbent bike, treadmill, several sizes of dumbbells, 2 olympic bars, plus plates in every weight…it helps to have a husband who is an avid lifter:-) When I do not want to workout in our basement I find a workout DVD on netflix, one of my favorites is a boxing workout that must be from the 80’s done by this guy who was a former boxer and had a patch over his eye. I can’t remember the name of it…That and I have a couple yoga DVD and the HabIT DVD. They keep me and my daughter occupied:-)

    • admin

      That’s great! I can’t wait to get a treadmill one of these days. But I am a gym junkie…I like the ritual of going there and I miss spin classes.
      You’ll have to find and share the name of that 80s workout, sounds hilarious!

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