Dairy Free Dinners

I’m on week two of a dairy free diet, and so far it’s been slightly challenging to find meals that leave me feeling full and satisfied.

Thanksgiving leftovers, the only dairy I've had in 2.5 weeks

I keep feeling like I’m missing something. Not sure if it’s the richness/ taste of dairy or the fullness from saturated fats. I’m not a huge red meat eater so I think I’m missing that…animal fat, I guess.

Foods I’m using to try and satisfy this feeling:

Avocado, on everything

Almond milk (in cereal and oatmeal)

More nuts

More eggs and meat

Peanut butter


Tonight I had regular old pasta with tomato sauce, and I didn’t miss the Parmesan cheese too much. I wanted pizza, so this had to do.

Other weeknight meals this week: chicken sausage and peppers and ground turkey and avocado tortillas.

I’m obsessed with Frontera Foods flavoring packets from Rick Bayless. Did you know he’s a fitness junkie?

And hot?

Anyway, with avocado and warm corn tortillas, I didn’t miss the cheese.

I chopped up half an onion, two potatoes, and cooked them with ground turkey then added the simmer sauce. So easy it works with a twenty-minute napping baby.

I’ve also been trying some really expensive dairy free products like this chocolate chip cookie dough. I was just craving yummy baked goods.

They definitely didn’t have the consistency or look of standard cookies, but they tasted good!

Since I’ve cut dairy, Henry seems much less fussy and gassy, but his diapers are still really full of mucus. I know, it’s gross. I’m not sure if I should cut soy next, or if it will just take more time.



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3 Responses to Dairy Free Dinners

  1. Jen

    It took a long time for my daughter’s poop to be mucous-free…like 4-6ish weeks, IIRC. I did end up cutting soy after 3ish dairy-free weeks due to the mucousy diapers (her gassiness, disposition, and most of her reflux had improved significantly by then), but since it still took a while for them to clear up, I don’t really know if it was the soy or if it just needed more time or what. It’s so hard to figure it all out because you just want it to be better NOW, and so much of it is a waiting game. Good luck!

    • admin

      Thanks! I think I might have to cut soy too. I started replacing the big soy sources (soy milk) with other things (coconut milk) to see if that helps. Soy seems even harder…in everything!

  2. My first was allergic to soy too! I think you just have to avoid large amounts of soy versus traces of soy. It’s hard because dairy free should mean you get to eat a ton of Chinese food, but stupid soy gets in the way!

    It took about a week for my first daughter’s mucous/blood poop issues to resolve if that helps at all.

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