Getting Creative

By the end of last week, I was starting to spiral down into a pretty bad funk.

A funky funk. An angry, tired, oh-so-tired, funk. Something about sleep deprivation makes my outlook pessimistic, makes my problem-solving skills disappear. My brain is no longer plastic and flexible, unable to try new ways to tackle challenges. It’s like I switch into an autopilot mode, skating along with rote responses to novel issues.

It’s not the best mindset for tackling the challenges of life with a little baby.

Power to the non-napping two month old people!

This weekend I tried my best to recharge.

I wasn’t successful getting any more sleep (boo…Henry seems to be sleeping a bit worse lately) but I managed to get to my first class at the gym since the baby was born. Endorphins, real sweat. Then I did another day of weights. Two days in a row of the gym.

This was a big deal for my mental health.

Love setting goals for watts on the Keiser bike

It also got me thinking…thinking about finding some can-do attitude underneath my black or white/sky is falling thinking. Trying to come up with some creative approaches to finding and maintaining some sanity and happiness over this long winter to come.

I came home from the gym and posted on Facebook, asking if any mommy friends want to set up a standing babysitting trade.

I can’t “fix” the baby’s sleeping now. But I can control my reaction, adjust my expectations, find little solutions to make life more bearable. Because me on no sleep +  being stuck at home + no exercise = an ugly Mommy. I gotta do what I can do to change one variable in that equation.

These are the people who are affected by my bad attitude...they are worth trying everything in the world to shape up my perspective.


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4 Responses to Getting Creative

  1. Jen C.

    Yes they are worth it!

  2. I’m so glad to hear that you’re feeling better mentally! I know how tough sleep deprivation can be! They wouldn’t use it to break people to tell secrets if it wasn’t hard on a person :)

  3. Glad you were able to make it to the gym. Makes such a difference:-) Hope you get more of those in the near future.

    PS. Sophia still asks if she can go play with Anna:)

  4. Laura F

    I am the same way when it comes to sleep deprivation. Gotta find that balance.

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