Merry Christmas

I hope you and yours had a good one.

We did.

Things that happened include:

A picture of a crying six month old Anna made its way into December Parenting magazine via a ad and a photo shoot with a photographer friend.

My hair became officially ridiculously too long.

Walking around a mall became a viable entertainment option.

Henry almost rolled over.

We bundled up for winter walks.

Elves were on the loose.

The house was fully decorated.

Cookies were veganized.

The three-year-old decorated and the three-month-old demonstrated his precocious readiness for solid food, apparently.

Mommy snacked on a gingerbread cookie.

The girls in the family snuck out for Christmas Eve manicures. Anna got Rapunzel purple, of course.

A nice man bought her a cookie just for being cute. Interestingly enough, that never happens to me.

Our Christmas Eve tradition of sushi takeout continued. (Rapunzel had white rice.)

Henry’s bookshelf was assembled. Good thing he’s already showing signs of a life-long love for reading. He loves snuggling up next to his big sister for bedtime books. He likes the patterns.

He doesn’t mind wearing girly bibs.

Christmas morning! Henry gifted us with six straight hours of sleep and Anna gave us a night with no preschooler nightmare wakings :(.

A mermaid costume was number one on her list for Santa.

Santa added the rock star twist to the mermaid equation.

There’s a pretty significant mermaid obsession happening here. This one swims by itself in the bath. Bath time will now take three hours instead of two. This girl loves to soak.

This stocking stuffer joke gift was actually pretty funny. “Let me rub your feet while you tell me all about the baby’s poop today.”

Henry liked his crib aquarium.

Stonewall Kitchen pancake mix = best ever. Pancake breakfast is another of our family’s Christmas Day traditions. Isn’t it everyone’s, though?

Walt found the best present ever. Anna’s been going around lamenting that she can’t paint on the walls like Rapunzel. Walt found a cardboard castle…for painting. She went to it.

I abused my social media privileges like whoa.

There was a lot of food. I ate lasagne. Let’s see how messed up I make poor Henny’s tummy from that one.

Anna was opening presents from my sister, adorable outfits, and she said, very seriously: “You shouldn’t get me all clothes! You should get me different types of things!” Ha.

My sister’s boyfriend got her some little mermaids and she exclaimed “You must have seen my Santa list!”

Anna in her robe from the Von Trapp resort in Vermont, via grandparents.

True dat.

Hope your holidays were everything you wanted and more!


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3 Responses to Merry Christmas

  1. I love the Porn for Moms books! So true. :) And yes, Stonewall Kitchen pancakes are amazing! It’s our go-to gift for friends and family (and ourselves)! Looks like you had a great day!

  2. It looks like you had a great Christmas!

    I’m jealous that you can find the Earth Balance fake butter in sticks. I can only get it in a tub, but I’ve been using Crisco for baking haha

    • admin

      Hmm I’m trying to remember if I got it at a health food store or regular old Stop and Shop. I bet you could find it online somewhere though!

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