This Is a Post About Boobs

Isn’t it amazing how much time we spend thinking about our boobs if we are breastfeeding moms? Sometimes I feel like the majority of my day is spent catering to the demands of my boobs, and my babies demands for my boobs, and my needs for my boobs, and you get the idea.

Anyway, since Christmas dinner was my planned attempt to eat dairy again and see what sort of horrors would ensue in Henry’s tummy, I thought I’d revisit the subject of boobs, and nursing, and dairy intolerance, and food, and weird nerdy Mommy things like that.

Mmmmm, dairy-containing foods

I ate lasagna…some pumpkin pie (non-dairy) and a few other dairy items like chocolate-covered popcorn. And so far…nothing majorly disastrous has happened. Henry hasn’t exploded into fussiness. He MAYBE is a little fussy, but it’s so hard to tell what’s a normal variation in his temperament based on growth spurts, crankiness, tiredness, napping, not napping, etc.

His poop is so far pretty normal.

This is not a picture of a poopy diaper. You're welcome.

This all leads me to wonder if I can eat dairy again. Maybe he’s outgrowing his sensitivity at three months like the pediatrician suggested OR maybe he never really had a milk protein intolerance to begin with. Maybe it was an overactive letdown/oversupply/fore milk hind milk issue which I know I also had.

My mom knows all teh thingz!!

It’s all so confusing when there are multiple factors. The dairy free diet wasn’t so bad after all. I found lots of expensive substitute products. But I’d like to eat pizza again, and have the freedom and convenience of just eating anything, anywhere, any time.

I’ve been listening to Nancy Holtzman’s webinars about breastfeeding and oversupply syndrome and they are AMAZING. She is so knowledgeable. I could have skipped both lactation consultants I’ve seen. I knew more than they did anyway from simply researching and reading, reading, reading.

I’m a nerd. And I’m one of those people who thinks they know better than all the doctors.

I read all teh bookz!!!

Anyway, some of the things she had to say about the symptoms of oversupply made me wonder if I’ve been correct to doubt the milk intolerance diagnosis.

If you are a nursing mom, check out her webinars. I’m going to listen to her sleep issues one next. This week may or may not be a grand experiment in putting Henry to sleep in his crib, since my husband’s off, and I’m getting really over having him in bed with me/next to me. It’s lovely and cuddly but I don’t think he will learn not to nurse all night long when he’s sleeping next to the hotel minibar. (me)

I’ll let you know how it goes. I’m cautiously pessimistic.


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  1. Thanks for the link! I have oversupply issues too and I’m constantly worried about the foremilk/hindmilk balance haha. The things that worry me nowadays crack me up.

  2. Laura F

    Thanks for the info. I have two until my due date. I’ll have to check these out soon.

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