Baby On Strike

So I have a pint-sized revolutionary on my hands.

Baby Che Guevera over here is on a “nursing strike.” I’m not really sure what his demands are (more baby weekends off? Playing mat conditions are unacceptable?)

He's ready to road trip. Just like Mommy. Perhaps to round up a peoples' babies' army of anarchist non-eaters?

He’s been increasingly refusing to nurse over the last week. He gets hungry but then when I try to feed him he gets furious! Sometimes he gets over it and eats, although not as much as normal, and other times, he fights and fights the power, and refuses.

It’s pretty stressful, especially since I can’t figure out the reason. He nurses fine at night when he’s sleeping/sleepy and in fact is making up much of his calories by nursing. all. night.long. Awesome strategy there, bud.

He doesn’t seem to be sick otherwise. He is resisting certain horizontal positions more and one side more than the other…maybe his ear is bothering him? He seems happy otherwise and will just miss a feeding and then hang out. But then he also seems a little grumpy at other times, probably because he’s hungry. (A hunger strike will do that to you.)

So besides protesting worldwide injustice and workers’ rights, what could Henry be up in arms about? He’s a little young for teething, hasn’t had lots of bottles recently, and doesn’t seem particularly in pain when he’s not eating.

Is this some kind of three month old weirdness phase? He’s also waking up so much more at night.

He's plotting world domination with Anna's Melissa and Doug world puzzle map in this shot, by the way.


I went to a breastfeeding support group that’s nearby this morning for some assistance, which was a total waste of hours of wrangling children and snowsuits since the LC had absolutely nothing helpful to say. I shouldn’t be able to do your job better than you from three minutes of Googling. Although maybe the trip did serve a purpose: as soon as you complain/brag about something your baby does/doesn’t do publically…they do the opposite and make you a liar.

Oh well. I guess I’ll just keep up the battle of the boob and head to the doctor if this continues another day or so. Ugh, when am I going to have a simple, easy time with my babies?

The answer to that is obviously never, ever, ever, are you kidding me, lady, ever ever.


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  1. My first refused to eat (and we bottle fed her) for MONTHS. It was awful. Just like Henry, she would eat well when sleepy but refuse it all day. It would take me an hour to get her to drink 4-5oz and I would have to basically fight her to even get that much down.

    Turns out the formula we were using was making her feel sick and she didn’t want to drink it. After seeing a specialist, we got a new formula and then she never refused to eat again. Turns out she had a MSPI allergy (milk soy protein intolerance). I know you’re already cutting dairy, so that can’t be it.

    Basically this is a long unhelpful story. But you do have my sympathy.

    • admin

      Interesting…my oldest did the same thing too (bottles) but in her case it was from really bad acid reflux. If Henry continues this I will bring him in and demand copious medicines just to see what happens. They love me at the pediatrician, can you tell?

      • It was reflux, but the reflux was CAUSED by the allergy so the medication didn’t help. Only changing her to an amino acid based formula helped. It was confusing, so that’s why it took everyone so long to figure things out. :)

  2. Just this week Jack seems super distracted. He nurses for a few mintues then his head bobs on an off and he grunts and looks around. He’s not eating a lot during the day and so he’s up at night. I’m don’t really want to supplement with formula…not sure what I’ll do. Babies. It goes by to quick, but not quick enough.

    • admin

      Yes, Henry’s been the same…making up his calories at night. Stinks. I’ve been reading a lot and it seems like it could be a three month or so developmental phase. Hope it passes quick for you!

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