Random Weekly Roundup


Monday – rest

Tuesday – home weights and pelvic rehab DVD, lunges and squats WITH BABY ATTACHED

This put him to sleep


Wednesday – planned to go for a run when husband came home; received tragic text that he was an hour later than normal. Wednesday Fail.

Thursday – babysitter! Spin express class, gym weights.

Friday – rest

Saturday – planned 8 a.m. run

Sunday – planned special triathlon-specific new Spin class at the gym (yay!)


Pediatrician was way cool about prescribing me the reflux meds I wanted (Zegerid, which allows you to give the baby medicine any time, and not somehow wait two hours for an empty stomach) but insurance doesn’t want to cover it. In the meantime I got my Buffer Babies kit and I’m going to town with the OTC Prilosec.

I’m seriously tempted to give my three and a half month old solid food. I never thought I’d say that, but this baby is OBSESSED with our food. He stares at it like he’s trying to decipher the meaning of life in my bowl of pasta. He grabs at my plate every time I eat near him.


I’m probably going to wait until he’s four months, but I am considering trying some foods a bit earlier. If when to offer food is so individual and based on the baby (some babies aren’t ready until much older) then there are always going to be those babies who are on the earlier end of the spectrum. I think I have one of those.


First post-baby night out with husband planned this weekend for my birthday…planning on trying a new Asian Fusion restaurant (dairy free options!) and maybe even a movie.

I need a haircut in a major way.

This is the sad car face of never knowing what type of haircut to get.

I’m thinking long layers and long side swept bangs. Since real bangs are cute but horribly annoying and incompatible with working out and sweating a lot.

 I’m bad at haircut planning. I ask friends for help like a junior high schooler making sure she’s planning the right outfit for the dance and Instant Messaging ten friends shots of herself in different clothes.


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  1. My husband travels for work quite a lot, but, the best thing is that he works from home! I will be so thankful for that when the baby comes. It means I can workout before work and he can go anytime during the day. Sad news is: we likely won’t be hitting the gym together until the baby is big enough for the gym nursery (to me, probably not until the baby is walking or close to it).

    • admin

      Oooh that is an amazing perk. That will be so helpful to you. I won’t take Henry to the gym nursery either until he’s older. Weekends my husband and I take turns going, which means that’s the whole morning gone but as long as I get to go at all I’m happy!

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