Re-Reflux Rebound

I’m on a reflux rollercoaster and it’s not a fun one. Its a redux of a redo of a rebound of three years ago when we went through this with my daughter.

It sucks.

It’s hard to explain to anyone who hasn’t been there with a reflux baby, but it basically kinda, sorta, ruins your days and life. Poor Henry is just not happy. He’s suffering pretty much all the time.

So far the meds haven’t seemed to kick in/work well enough.

He spends most of the day hungry, grizzly because he’s hungry, yet he won’t eat.

He screams when I try to feed him, until finally, he gets hungry enough, or tired enough, and eats. Maybe a little, and then pulls away screaming.

He mostly just eats in his sleep. He’s also unhappy most of the time he’s awake, and doesn’t nap well because he’s either hungry or he spits up, it hurts him, and he wakes up crying. I have to carry him all day.

A rare moment of chilling

I had a really nice three day birthday weekend and was spoiled. Dinner out, meeting friends, a group run, a new triathlon-specific spin class, getting to my old favorite Monday strength class, a dairy free cake, cute presents…it was sorely needed and already sorely missed.


I even got a haircut.

And new pillows

And flowers. And birthday pancakes.

But now it’s back to the arching baby grind. Trying to figure out why the medicines aren’t working.

Trying to feed him. And soothe him as he cries.

It freaking sucks.



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  1. I love your new hair!!

    For my first, getting compounded Prevacid was the only thing that worked. Huge pain in the ass but what is easy with babies?

    • admin

      With my first, Prevacid solutabs were the wonder drug but they didn’t work this time, partly because dosing on an empty stomach is harder with a breastfed baby than with bottle fed, and also the Prevacid made him loopy and cracked out. He was a baby speed freak for a couple of days there.

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