All the Pretty Pictures

So along the way of raising two intense baby persons, I’ve happened across moments and interactions I will never forget because they were the moments I realized I have crazy, crazy babies.

They don’t sleep.

They are eerily alert as newborns.

They want to move around like whoa.

Some of the moments that stand out for me, as the dawning of my realization that I have crazy, insane in the membrane babies:
When my daughter, four months old, found a way to do an inchworm-like body throw to get out of the unstrapped car seat because she was so mad I put her there.

And now here she is, all grown up and doing "mermaid yoga." Look for it soon at a Crunch! Gym near you.

When I asked my mom completely naively, how she managed to get my sister and I to stay still to change our diapers and she looked at me perplexedly and said, “you just laid there.”

When I went to my first playgroup and saw big six, seven, eight month old babies just sitting in strollers and car seats inside, doing nothing and being perfectly content, and then seeing their moms feed them jars of baby food with a spoon. My daughter had refused to let me put anything in her mouth past the age of six months. She insisted on feeding herself every single morsel but she couldn’t work the spoon well yet so I just started buying the squeezy baby food packs she could do herself.

Around six weeks old with my son, when I realized it was 1 p.m. and he’d been awake since 8 am and was sitting there ah-gooing and laughing at me. That was a major OH SH*T! moment.

Behold, the visual evidence of my intense little dude. (Oh my god, I love him so much.)

He already seems to love cars, trains and boats (and toasters, wires, and binder clips).

Notice what you don’t see him doing. Hint: sleeping.


He’s also into this pirate ship and other toys designed for two -year-olds. Makes total sense. If you’re a weirdo baby!

Yeah my house is a mess. You try walking around for 12 hours with a 15 lb kid in your arms.

Yup, I’m doing a fantastic job at following the no screen time before two years old rule around here.

This is me, ecstatic because he didn't cry in the car for once in his little life.

And here’s Anna’s take on the whole thing.



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4 Responses to All the Pretty Pictures

  1. My baby would just fall asleep on her own after 2 hours if I didn’t put her in her nursery for a nap. Hell, even my toddler can barely make it from 8am to 1pm. Then she takes a long nap lol.

    So my life is easier than yours. Ha ha?

    • admin

      Hahaha…(evil glare)…that’s why you can run faster than me right now even though we are PR twins. I’ll get my revenge on all the easy baby mamas one day…when my kids grow up to be their grown babies’ overlords. Or not.

  2. Lauren

    I can’t tell you how happy I am to have found your blog! I read too many blogs with babies who sit perfectly and play or sleep for hours on end. It’s too bad we don’t live close. Our crazy little guys could try and tire each other out! Or we could at least trade off babies for some alone workout time! I don’t have a blog, but we do follow each other on Instagram (@coastalrunrider).

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