Bum Leg

My medical mystery leg case continues. I saw the PA at the orthopedist practice on Wednesday, and he diagnosed me with a vague “Shin splints/compartment syndrome,” with the RX of rest and physical therapy.

I had my first physical therapy appointment today, but he said he didn’t think I was presenting with either, because I have no pain (none during exertion OR rest) and because compartment syndrome shouldn’t cause numbness that lasts for so long. He thinks it’s a result of some post-partum/breastfeeding/relaxin/dehydration/over-exertion/body shenanigans. I agree, and I hope this will magically disappear on its own, never to return again.

My shin is still numb, over a week later. It’s kind of scary, but everyone is assuring me it’s no big deal. Somehow.

I’m on total exercise rest, because anything might exacerbate this at this point. So that’s a total bummer, and bad for my mood. I’m trying to find the bright side to exercise rest…

  • Don’t have to worry about how to fit in workouts
  • Chance to focus on other things, like work, or just hanging with the chilluns. We’ve been doing a lot of baking and cooking, so I’ll be nice and fat when this recovery is over
  • Umm, I can’t think of any more.

Can anyone help me out and give me some positives to having enforced rest? An excuse to get deep tissue massages to help my recovery, maybe?
How do you maintain your mood when you can’t exercise? Can you think of any good things that come out of a week or more off from working out?




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  1. Bummer. I wish I had some helpful solutions but when I can’t exercise I also bake and eat…
    In all seriousness though, I hope you feel better:) I feel like having a kid takes more of a toll on your body than anyone ever told you it would.

  2. The only thing that makes me feel better when I can’t work out is putting on make up and spending money on clothes. This is why my husband prefers my running addiction.

  3. Lauren

    Hmmm…wish I could help you out with that! I get all sorts of antsy and it’s hard for me to just chill out and relax when I can’t exercise. The first six weeks after I had my son was the first time in a long time I wasn’t working out and surprisingly I didn’t care. I guess I was too exhausted and caught up in trying to survive so I would say kids are a good distraction!

  4. We should hang out. I’m on the DL too. Bleh.

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