Rehabbin’ It


I’m making some small progress on fixing my hot mess of a body. I’m hoping to be done with twice weekly PT session soon, but I’m booked until the end of March. I was given the okay to go to spin class, which makes me very happy since I’ve done absolutely no cardio/aerobic activities for three weeks.

I took it easy at a class on Tuesday night, and nothing major happened to my leg. In fact, the numbness is finally starting to subside a bit. I think the PT was smart to snuff out the problem as stemming from my back.

Gym, my old friend

Here’s what I have to do daily:

Pelvic tilts 3 x 10

Bridges with inner thighs squeezing a ball 3 x 10

Bent knee toe taps with a ball in between the legs, 3 x 10. This one is really hard. I lie down, and try to tap down with legs bent without letting my lower back come off the ground. I’m finding I am very, very weak in my regular ab muscles. Probably because I was so paranoid about stretching out my abs (I have a tiny diastasis recti, maybe one finger-width wide) I have avoided all crunch type moves. I’ve done plenty of planks and transverse work but I must have forgotten that at some point I need to do regular ab work too. I wonder if the core weakness and pelvic floor problems are what’s screwing up my lower back, causing the lower leg numbness. That’s what the PT thinks as well.

She said to DO crunches but be very aware of my form and tie a towel or sheet around my abs in a crisscross to help me stay aware of not “pouching out” when I crunch.

I also do leg lifts while sitting on an exercise ball and leg extensions on the ball. Both x 30

Bird dog arm and leg lifts, kind of like this, courtesy of BuiltLeanTV:

I’ve been pretty diligent about doing my exercises daily and I’m noticing I’m sore in my tailbone area, but a good muscle soreness instead of the dull pain I’ve had since childbirth. So hopefully it’s working and the stabilization will help me go forth and run, and jump, and exercise to my heart’s content. PT recommends another week and then to try a run. Yay!


I’m doing some spring type cleaning around here. I wish my home could be as OCD neat freak on the outside as I am on the inside but two kids will do a number on that dream. I bought a portable steam cleaner and I’m steaming anything soft that doesn’t move. Maybe moves, too. Watch out, Finn.

Making messes is their thing.

This is probably baby-TMI, but Henry is such a spitter that he’s drenched our home. I need to do an upholstery cleaning weekly. Sorry, that’s gross. But I feel so much better when I finish a cleaning project. I do have to actually HOLD him while I clean half the time, since he won’t tolerate that much being put down. The whole thing is really ridiculous. But I feel better. Ahhh. Short of buying all new furniture which would be totally pointless until kids are much older, this is my new favorite thing.


The trance dance yoga got me inspired to devote more time to meditation, or even spiritual practice. I’ve been pretty stressed the last few months and I’m not exactly proud of my mean Mommy moments or my nagging spouse self. I’d like to do better, be better.

Multi-tasking is mine.

Maybe that kind of time out, that self reflection and dedication to thinking about how I can make the world a better place may be just what I need.

I fear this could become one  of those woulda, coulda, shoulda if I only had more time ideas that falls away in the rush of life. I’ve somehow gotten so busy lately I’m kind of running around like a drunk bird. (When multitasking goes bad.) But I’m going to try to make it a habit. I’m heading to another trance class tonight, for my article, but also for me.


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4 Responses to Rehabbin’ It

  1. What kind of steam cleaner do you use? Can you use it on leather? Obviously I know so much about cleaning.

    • admin

      Hmmm I think, not so much. Have you tried the leather cleaners though? I thought leather was magically impervious to all kids junk!

  2. Lauren

    We have a major spitter too and on top of that, a dog that likes to walk around licking the furniture, carpets, etc after its been spit up on. During my worst weeks there were times I would actually call the dog to clean it up because I knew I couldn’t get to it at that moment. Gross. Makes me shudder now!

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