Cinco, five, the boy’s growing up yet somehow he seems too babyish for five months to me. I know that sounds insane, like, hello lady, the baby is a five month old baby! But in my hazy recollection of the last go-round I thought five months would see me happily sleeping at night for a little while, the baby in his crib, close to crawling, napping at regular times.


It’s partly Henry’s lot to be forever compared to an older sibling, and she was a precocious baby. By his age, she was floor swimming, trying to get up on her hands and knees for crawling which she would do in a month. She walked at nine months. Henry despises being on his tummy, still. He only wants to be carried and be propped up under his armpits in a fake stand. Sometimes I hold his hands, all his weight held on his own, and he is so hilariously proud of himself I laugh out loud.

He purses his lips and yells GGGAWOOOooooo! And he pretty much thinks he’s the king of the room. World. I don’t know that I do much to dissaude him from this. He can also rudimentarily grasp the idea of giving me a high five. He ate a Num-Nums. He’s practically driving (to the fast food drive-through, probably).

But in some ways, he’s so…baby. Still napping in a swing, still sleeping in a bassinet, hating his crib, nursing a lot at night. He sits up, but topples over easily. He refuses to roll onto his tummy probably because he hates it.

I’m not trying to be a Tiger Baby Mom, but he’s such a crank at times I’m hoping increased mobility will make him happier. But I can’t imagine him crawling in a month like Anna did. He seems so far away from that. Yet, he seems like a big, healthy, smart bruiser in all other ways.

I know all babies are different. It’s pretty fascinating to see that play out with my own sample size study of two.


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  1. Barb

    i am always amazed at how similar our babies are! leo has 3 months on henry, but reading about his is very much like reading about leo. henry is looking big! crazy how fast the time goes – but you already know that based on your daughter! :)

    • admin

      Funny! So what do I have to look forward to in three months? I really hope he gets more mobile soon.

      • Barb

        just read that henry decided to hang out on his tummy! that is SO a Leo thing. *HATED* tummy time for the first 5 months, and then BAM tolerated it enough to have his picture taken.
        he also HATED his stroller at 3 months, until well, just 2 weeks ago!
        Now I take him out for a stroll or a run and he’s super pleased to be out and about looking around. I even hear him giggling to himself.
        This is NOT the same baby that screamed bloody murder when I tried to put him into the stroller 5 months ago. (We just gave up and stopped using it).
        so positives for high-needs babies growing up: stroller usage comes back (probably because they really want to look around and see what’s going on!); able to play alone for 10 whole minutes without freaking out (up from zero minutes!); super cuddly (downside, does not want to be put down or left alone).
        negatives: still only sleeping the majority of nights with 3 hour intervals (many nights less than that) and has 2 night feeds still;in our case, still napping in the carrier, which means wearing him for 2 naps per day (there is no napping in the crib. unless we want him to have a 20 minute nap that took us 45 minutes to get him down for…bah.)
        any of this sound like your little guy? 😉

        • admin

          Yes very similar! He is better with the forward facing stroller, so there’s that. No crib action but yes, superrrr cuddly. We call him The Lover cause he just loves getting love.

  2. Henry in his stroller, looks a little bit like he wants to shoot someone the bird. =)

    Maybe he just really loves you, and knows that once he starts getting all mobile, he’ll be off and running towards independence, thus, he is trying to stay a baby-baby for as long as possible!

  3. Do we have the same baby?? Mine hates tummy time and refuses to even try to roll or crawl but loves to “stand up”. Also the nursing a lot at night…when does this freaking end?? I’m ok with getting up once, but every 3 hours? This is craziness.

    • admin

      So Henry is joining the vast baby conspiracy to make their moms look like liars and decided to finally roll over onto his tummy. Two months after he rolled from tummy to back. And then he was content to hang out on his tummy for ten minutes. I guess because he got there himself he was into it?

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