Screaming, Standing, and Slowing

I scream (too much (any screaming is too much)). I’m going to try this:

The Orange Rhino Challenge. I’m going to pick a number of days and try not to yell during all those days.

So, since I want to make sure this is an attainable goal (lofty yet not stratospheric) I’m going to start small.

I am going to try not to yell for this rest of this week. It’s Wednesday at 4 p.m. If that doesn’t tell you all you need to know at how bad I am, well. I don’t want to tell you any more.

A photo in which I'm not yelling












But I’m going to try. This first step to not yelling is to publicly shame myself for yelling, way, way too much. I think I need an action plan.

Things that make me yell, warning signs, options besides yelling to do when I want to yell.

Henry stands. But he doesn’t want to crawl. Anyone’s baby go from sitting to pulling up and walking without crawling first?













I’m slow.

Also, I’m working out again, like majorly regularly! I’d still like to know when I’m going to get close to my old paces again, not that they were ever spectacular or anything, but to be so far off my normal fitness is discouraging. I know I’ve only run a handful of times THIS YEAR, like probably a dozen times since the baby was born but for some reason I feel like I should magically be closer to where I was before?

What’s wrong with me? (Not generally, the comment dialog box would get filled up, just any ideas why I’m so much slower than before the baby?)




Look at this lunatic




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6 Responses to Screaming, Standing, and Slowing

  1. Jade

    Crawling isn’t necessary development step – it’s nice for us mom’s but not needed. My brother in law was so top heavy apparently when he was a baby that he went straight from sitting to walking, no crawling at all.

    I hear you being slower after child birth. I didn’t run much during pregnancy (waaaay to uncomfortable) and all I read is “Having a baby makes you so much faster because a, b, c” and I”m like nope, I’m so tired and exhausted but love the running to clear my head but seriously I used to run 7:30 min/miles easy peasy, now a 10 min/mile is still giving me the hardest time! And I’m at my prepreg weight too…. boo that!

    • admin

      Wow that is a big pace difference! I wasn’t really in the 7s for anything longer than a 5k but I can’t hack 8 minute miles any more. We will get there! And if not, we have plenty of excuses :)

  2. 3 miles in 27 min? I hope you’re hanging your slow fat head in shame.

    My baby isn’t interested in rolling (still) but as she fights tummy time, she inches forward so she may be army crawling before she can roll. These damn babies didn’t read their instruction manuals.

    • admin

      So says the woman who just raced a 23 minute 5k or something AND who has a baby younger than mine. “You don’t get a say” 😉

  3. Not yelling. What a thought. I do agree that yelling, esp with children, is not ideal. It is something I am certainly going to have to work on, because I am a yeller. And if not a yeller, at a minimum, I am loud when I am passionate about something….or upset….and sometimes even when I am just excited. Not yelling is hard, especially not yelling at idiots on the road.

    • admin

      I also claim passionate person exemption status but it doesn’t really fly with my loved ones. I also blame my Italian ethnicity as another cop out excuse :/

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