Weighty Matters

I’ve been wringing my hands over a conundrum in the world of exercise and children: the gym day care.

Henry is at the single worst possible age to be let loose in a busy room. At eight and a half months old, he will find every small item and promptly stick it in his mouth (except he’s weirdly slow about it so I usually have time to dive/slide/run/body slam my way over and grab it. He also looks at me, like Baby Can Have Small Game Part?

No, baby. You can not have that.

Also, he pulls up on everything and everyone he can find, even very small children. And then said children run away, and he falls. The gym day care room has a cement floor. Not sure what planning brilliance went into that one, but it’s not even covered with those interlocking rubber floor pieces or anything.

It’s one room maybe 12 x 12. Ten year old boys run around practicing their kung fu kicks and if a crawler gets a knock to the head, well it seems the luck of the draw. They have no cap on the number of kids who can go, and even though I go in the evening at off times, there’s no guarantee there won’t be three crying babies to hold and ten rambunctious eight year old building a teetering tower out of something that will hurt when it falls down.

They have a policy of no chokeable items, but the big kids often bring in their homework, their crafts, their beading necklace sets, their assorted childhood flotsam and jetsam, and if a piece fell on the floor, and Henry put it in his mouth, what are the chances that at that exact moment the caretaker would be watching him closely?

Not good.

He rarely naps/stays in the stroller in there which is another strategy moms of the youngest babies use. This is actually a nice gym that’s not cheap ($60 a month) but the day care is free and since it’s kind of a clique-y place I feel like no one dares complain. Take it or leave it.

So I have a summer workout problem. Running is fine, I can just run at 7 p.m. when my husband gets home and then Anna has two weeks of summer camp so I can run with the jogging stroller then. Then there are lots of vacation days mixed in, and I can do a lot on the weekend, but but but but I need to go to my Monday 5 p.m. Elevated Training class or I will be unfit. It’s like such a must for me. I guess I could pay a babysitter once a week since this little period should be over relatively soon. Once he’s a good walker and out of the peak oral phase the day care will be okay. Maybe by the fall?

Blah. blahblahblah

I guess I can go lift weights at 7 p.m. by myself in the weight room, since I want to focus on gaining strength now anyway.

The weirdos come out at night.

But 7 p.m. is hectic. Dinner, bath, pajamas, family time. Plus I enjoy the time out break that divides up our long days. Without it I’m like killing time and entertaining kids and …. … …   …. endless  long days and then I’m tired and THEN I have to go work out when I’d rather eat dinner with my husband and kids. It’s not ideal.

But I know this time period is short. It just doesn’t feel like it when you’re in it.


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6 Responses to Weighty Matters

  1. I’m not trying to be Captain Obvious here, but why not just suspend your gym membership for the summer and work out at home? Get some free weights (cheap on Craig’s List or yard sales) and use a stability ball instead of a bench and workout while the kids play. It’s not ideal, but what is with two small kids?

    • admin

      Well lots of reasons that mostly add up to the fact that I wouldn’t get a goo enough workout in. Henry wouldn’t leave me alone enough, I couldn’t do enough weight with home equipment. I’d rather do it at 7 pm than at home. I tried that when Henry was first born and it was a joke. Also, I’d like to be a help rejecting complainer. Just kidding

  2. Lauren

    I went back and forth with the gym daycare too and ultimately decided no, not right now. We are in the same phase too…itty bitty chokable objects trying to go in the mouth/pulling up, falling over/faceplating. Although our gym daycare has carpeting. Cement floors? What the hell? I have actually paid our babysitter to come for an hour here and there just so I can get out for a ride on my bike. Running with the stroller I can do since I only have one kid and I’m hoping things will be different in the Fall and dropping him in the gym daycare won’t seem like such a big deal to me. If we lived closer I’d take both of yours for you for an hour or two and then you could take mine. If only!

    • admin

      Don’t worry Lauren. Once he’s steady waking, not putting everything in the mouth, the gym day care will be your best friend. I took my daughter almost every day from one to three years old (until baby was born). Almost there!

      I think I will do a babysitter too. No shame in that.

  3. Sarah @RunFarGirl

    I haven’t had a gym membership in about a year and I miss it. I get a much better workout at the gym than in our home gym-and our home gym has everything. I mean the treadmill is the treadmill. I can keep myself on that, I just super slack on the strength workouts when I’m in our basement: I guess one set is enough…ill do laundry now. And I don’t think I could ever leave jack. Not until he’s like twenty and so completely healed that nothing could go wrong…

    • admin

      Yeah totally. I do a set and then…feed the dog…and then Anna wants to “try” whatever I just did…and then Henry got stuck under the computer desk…hahaha…

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