Long Term Planning

Two years I briefly had a coach for my first triathlon (it was part of a program at my gym, I wasn’t exactly fancy enough for my own personal coach) and one of the things he correctly noted about me was that I didn’t have a clear, long term vision of what I wanted to do fitness and race-wise.

I kind of bounced around, wanting to do anything that popped up and looked fun! Look, running up the Empire State Building! That sounds fun, let me do that! And then other things I like to do are maybe even at odds with each other. I like to lift weight to get stronger, and I like to run and get faster. Those things are probably at cross purposes. But I kind of refuse to give up any facet of what I like to do fitness-wise.

I’ve never mapped out a year of races, or long-term plans, or decided, yes, THAT is what I’m going to dedicate everything toward. Maybe I will change that next year.

I’m pretty sure 2014 will be my Marathon Year. As long as NYC doesn’t change its lottery system (three years of not getting in and you get an automatic entry) I will register for my first marathon. I’ve always, always wanted to do NYC as my first marathon. I’ve never run a marathon,  not even a half (last year I trained for a half then I got pregnant and didn’t run) so training for a long distance will be new.

That gives me a year to get this baby to sleep, all night, in his own bed, and off my boob.

I can’t wait. Then I think that marathon will sort of determine the whole rest of the year. I will do shorter races but that will be The Big Thing of 2014. As soon as I wean this baby this fall I want to sign up (maybe with my husband) for this CrossFire extra thing they have at my gym. It’s basically their non-proprietary CrossFit. But it has the benefit of being at the gym (with babysitting). I really, really, really can’t wait to get my non-nursing body back. And by body, I mean, the functional body. The ME body. The non-nutritive self. Just me. And a plan.


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  1. yeah, the goal thing just hit me. light bulb moment. i love to train for training sake but having a goal definitely gives training for something definitely gives that extra omph! Week 1 on “the plan” is quite an adjustment to the lazy days of training I had been having.

  2. Barb

    sounds like a great goal! And a place where they watch the kiddo while you do some training is amazing. i ran my 1st full this year and LO was 10 months old. training for the full is interesting…much more time consuming than the 1/2. 😉

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