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I posted before about following a real running plan for the first time in pretty much ever. I’ve been glad to find out that I can run almost every day and easily do 25 miles per week (was running three or four times per week and usually around 15 miles per week before this) without injury. BUT I have been really slow.

Like really really really really slow.

At least I can do a few of these?

I’m hoping it’s a temporary thing, from increasing miles, and eventually my body will make the gains and I will be faster. This makes sense to me theoretically so I hope it’s happening. I run with the jogging stroller Monday through Friday so I can’t really tell if I’m hitting my tempo paces. On the weekend I run without it for a long run, where I have struggled to hit the last couple of miles at goal pace as my plan calls for.

At least until they sit on my head.

Then the Great Bronchitis of 2013 hit and I had to take off a lot of days. I took off five days, thinking that HAD to make me better, than ran five more than took off three again. Today I started Week Four of my plan for the third week in a row. I don’t want to skip the week since I think I need to repeat it and actually get the key workouts in (tempo and long run.)

Maybe some smarter running brains than mine know the answer – Is it okay to just run with the jogging stroller at a pace that feels the same exertion-wise as my tempo run pace even if it’s almost two minutes per mile slower or is it key for me to hit the tempo pace? If so, I can finagle running without the stroller during the week one day for a tempo run, even if means running at 7 p.m. in the dark (boo.)

Also, is it normal to expect to get slower before I get faster? Or do I just suck?

Don’t answer that last one.



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  1. I am of no help. I am slow like turtle!!!

  2. I am not really sure. Are you restricting calories at all or eating a modified/restricted diet? That might be why. I have always run somewhere around 18-20 on my lower weeks, and have never really noticed a difference as I increase distance. But there can always be many factors. Were you running with the stroller before? Because that would def slow you down! But also make you stronger.

    • admin

      No, I eat like a teenaged boy. And have always run with stroller. I think it’s from running every day instead of 3 times per week.

  3. With the tempo runs I think you can replace some of them with stroller runs that feel like the same exertion as a tempo without the stroller. But I’d try to do at least one or two per month without the stroller. And I didn’t start getting faster this spring until I had run for 8 weeks or so solid, then runs started getting easier.It’ll come:)

    • admin

      Thanks for the feedback. I was able to do my tempo sans stroller this week and was happy to see the lower range of my tempo pace come easily. So I’m blaming it all on the stroller :)

  4. Here are my 2 cents:

    Stop obsessing about pace, especially with the stroller. Just run at a pace that feels slightly uncomfortable but sustainable. Who cares what that pace is, right? You will see speed increases with mileage increases, but you’ll see the results on race day, not on every training run. You can’t get faster and go further at the same time, unless you’re gunning for an injury. Build up the mileage base and THEN think about maybe adding in one or two harder runs a week.

    As you know, I run a lot but I rarely RARELY run hard. That’s how I stay mostly intact and you can build endurance without killing yourself every day. Proof right here :)

    • admin

      You’re right, on all counts. But I’m seeing like 11 minute miles with stroller sometimes. Granted, I’m stopping to pee every five minutes in the woods, but still.

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