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SO Update to my last post about being super slow with the stroller since I’ve upped my weekly miles: I ran my tempo run without the stroller this week and I was fine, I hit like slightly under my tempo pace for five miles. So I’m totally blaming the jogging stroller for everything. But you all had some good advice that I’m taking to heart. This whole idea of doing lots of easy runs is new to me, and I’m embracing it. It’s a change of pace but I’m accepting that if I have to run 11 minute miles sometimes with the stroller that’s what I will do. I want to train smart and race fast.

Anyway I want to talk food. Because I love food. And I eat a lot of it. I read this op-ed the other week, about a parent who decided to stop trying to make their picky eater eat their vegetables. I have a very picky eater (four-year-old) and an easy eater (one -year-old). I WAS a very, very picky eater as a kid and yet as an adult, I am an adventurous foodie type. I will eat everything. I love vegetables, bitter greens, brussel sprouts, fish, kale, escarole, radicchio, frisee. I eat that shit for breakfast. I also eat junk and potato chips and brownies and Halloween candy for breakfast, if I want to. I just eat whatever I want. It’s fun, you should try it sometime.

Look how happy I am, knowing I will be eating Reese's cups for weeks to come.

But growing up, my father was of the clean your plate school of parenting. Unfortunately, he was also a terrible cook. Sorry, Dad. He made tasteless frozen vegetables with no salt or fat added. Think mushy, tinny cooked carrots and those big bags of cauliflower mixed with broccoli except the root parts were like mildly undercooked and toothy. It’s a wonder I ever grew up to like vegetables at all.

I had to sit at the table until the food was gone. It did go…into my jewelry box, pockets, the toilet bowl, the closet. We didn’t have a family dog. One time my grandmother came over and mercifully threw away the plate I was still sitting in front of hours later. I was supposed to eat the entire baked potato, skin too. I gagged on every bite. I also had to drink a huge glass of milk with every dinner. Now, don’t get horrified, I wasn’t an abused child, I just had a parent who was concerned about my nutrition in a well-meaning but misguided way. My mom worked nights a lot but if she was home she made much better food and was way more lenient. But I will never forget the horror of being asked to swallow food that I couldn’t get past my tongue.

I wasn’t filling up on too much crap either, I was just a light eater. One time the doctor told my mother I had to gain weight. I think I was like eight. I just preferred to sit around and color and read Sleepover Club novels. This is amusing to me now, because I eat like a famished teenaged racehorse boy. I eat a ton. Like, I eat more than I see most people eat. I don’t know if I have a fast metabolism? I do work out a lot. I’m also not stick skinny.

[Have you heard about that study that connects butt size to brains and longevity? Yeah. I’m way running with this theory. I gotta feed my booty so I can continue to be a superior human being.]

The bigger your butt, the smarter your children are? You're welcome, kids.

Like right now, I’m about to eat a Kashi roasted vegetable pizza. Now, I’m not sure, is this SUPPOSED to be a personal pizza? Because I’m eating it as one segment of lunch. There was also a leftover bagel half, a Butterfinger I stole from trick or treating loot, a small spinach pie, and there will probably be more after the pizza appetizer.

I kind of love running more, not because I GET to eat more (I will fucking eat as much as I want forever and ever  in a manner NOT related to any physical exertion) but because it’s MAKING me HUNGRIER.


But anyway, back to the hot topic of force-feeding kids. My personal experience leads me to be kind of lax on this. I feel like the more it becomes a battle the worse I fare. It is frustrating to deal with Anna’s eating. She’s very picky and is always asking for sweets. She has a tremendous sweet tooth and refuses most vegetables, mixed dishes, and meat.

Right now she’s inexplicably eating lox cream cheese. Who knew she would ever eat that…so I’m going with it. Lox cream cheese for lunch every day it is. At least Henry will eat what I cook.

Were you a picky eater as a kid? Did you grow out of it? Do you believe in forcing your kids to finish their peas? Do you eat like a bird or like you have an intestinal worm like me?


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  1. You and those bebes are just toooooo cute! Seriously, good looking little crew!

    Who knows if this is true, but they say that a breastfed baby should generally be a less picky eater than a formula fed baby because formula taste remains consistent, whereas the flavor of breastmilk can subtly alter with what you eat. My husband is extremely picky. He was never really made to eat things he didn’t like. I wasn’t either, and was somewhat picky as a child, but began experimenting with stuff my parents wouldn’t even eat sometime around 9. My mom said it was after our school nurse started giving presentations and mini cooking classes, so, thank you school nurse!

    Anyway, my husband realizes that his eating habits leave much to be desired, and is on board to do whatever it takes to try to help Baby T have a large palette. That being said, I will not be into force feeding at all. A child needs to learn that if you don’t eat your meal or snack when it is provided, then don’t come asking for something else 30 minutes later (you need to stop and assess your hunger instead of being distracted by playing), but that certainly doesn’t mean you have to eat everything that is offered. When a kid gets really hungry, they will eat! So no reason to really fight them at lunch if they aren’t interested. I think that also can lead to overeating and obesity, but that is my own, personal opinion.

    Oh, and to answer your other question….I do NOT eat like a bird. I eat like a hippo! Hahahha. I was always housing food, even has a kid (I could eat more than half of a large pizza at 10 years old….when I weighed in at a mere 52 pounds), but like you, the school nurse told my mom many times that I needed to gain weight. I eventually evened out….it just took 14-15 years!

  2. admin

    That theory would work my personal anecdata of two kids: first, formula fed mostly and picky picky picky. Second, boob man and yesterday ate red onions like candy off my salad instead of macaroni and cheese.

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