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Power, Persistence and Brains

Mine, baby’s and baby’s again.


We did a lactate threshold test in the Sunday tri-specific Spin class I’ve been going to for the last three weeks. I was reluctant to do it, since all it was going to tell me was that I’m not in peak condition. Not by a long shot. I already knew that.

But Sunday morning rolled around, I hadn’t slept but I was feeling pretty energetic anyway.

I beat a guy or two..not that I was competitive or anything

I was pretty happy to hold 258 watts average for the 20 minute test.

If you’re familiar with a LT test for running, well the bike one is obviously similar. We warmed up, did a 10-minute test run, then went as hard as we could for 20 minutes, maintaining the careful balance between going hard enough and not blowing up.

If you’re not familiar with the Keiser M3 bikes with power meters you’re missing out. Our gym got them two years ago and they’re awesome to teach on, to train on, to quantify your effort. Watts are your power output…basically how fast you’d be going outside (gear + cadence). How much watts to aim for has to do with your weight and conditioning. I’m happy to be in the 200s for a length of time. I’m about 130 pounds now, up from my normal prepregnancy in shape weight of 115-120, so to hold double my weight is decent.

I used to do a 45 minute class at an average watts of about 190-220 depending on how I was feeling that day. Since the baby the best I’ve done is one day at 190 but more often than not , I’m averaging 160ish. I love watts and nerdy training numbers, can you tell?

Now if I only I could get back to running speed.


No, we didn’t let him eat one.


They must be growing because all he is doing is eating. Milk AND food. And all I seem to want are salads with fats on them: avocado, turkey bacon, hard-boiled eggs…I’m going to start doing shots of Omega 3 acids.

Baby brain food.

Grow, baby, go…Anna needs an apprentice builder for her Ariel Legos.


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